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How to learn piano online


Learning piano is regarded by many as time consuming, too difficult, expensive and sometimes even boring… but what if I told you there was a ‘learn to play piano website’ that shows you how to learn piano the QUICK and EASY way, with FUN, CHEAP and even FREE training? Crazy right?! So what is this website……..

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Yup.. thats right! You’re already here!

Best way to learn piano…

WaysToLearnPiano is website showcasing the best and most cost effective ways to learn piano, as an alternative to expensive tuition fees.  The website is designed to help adults, children & parents find the best way to learn piano and encourage progress through fun and interactive software.

Students can learn piano online in their own time.  Online piano lessons are cheap, convenient and there are many advantages to learning with piano teachers online.  Take a look at the benefits of learning piano online vs an offline piano teacher… I think this will open your eyes!

The website contains the best piano training software and programs available and explains them in detail with reviews and videos.  There are also other training methods and tools including gadgets, accessories, DVD’s & books.

SO… What is the best way to learn piano online?

There is no definitive answer here, but I can list some of the chosen programs from the website which I believe are the best way to learn piano online.  Each program has its own merits and learning structure.  So its best you have a look for yourself at each one and decide which is best for you… don’t worry, you can’t go wrong with any one them!

For kids:

You will need a digital piano or keyboard…

The best way to learn piano online is through the use of keyboards or digital pianos with MIDI capabilities.  You can still learn with a traditional piano watching video tutorials but you will miss out on the awesome interactive lessons on offer with most of the programs above.

Most modern keyboards and pianos come MIDI enabled and all you need is a MIDI cable to plug into a laptop or desktop PC and you’re off on your interactive piano learning journey… the best way to learn piano!

Become a Modern Mozart!

Digital pianos are fast becoming an extremely popular instrument thanks to their versatility, MIDI capabilities and features, lack of wear and tear. They sound just like a real grand piano but in a much smaller package.. making them great if you want to learn piano at home.

Going digital is the best way to learn piano online and by purchasing a digital piano, you won’t lose heart as they sound beautiful and so will your music when you start learning!  You can learn your favourite songs in weeks and play modern piano, entertaining friends and family at parties… how cool would that be??

Immerse yourself in sound…

The best way to learn piano is enjoying it… and what better way than learning to play your favourite songs and really immersing yourself in the sound.  With digital pianos you can plug in additional speakers and set up your very own studio at home.  Recording your own songs even!

This was just a short blog to get you introduced to I’ll leave the rest up to your browsing.. enjoy!


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  1. Blake

    I didn’t think I could ever learn guitar and I was able to teach myself that with the use of the internet so maybe next step piano? Hopefully your site has all that I need. Better start looking for a piano I guess haha. Great site though, I found it very informative.

    1. Jon (Post author)

      Hi Blake,

      Thanks for the comments. Yes maybe Piano should now be added to your appeture 🙂

      Digital pianos can be found quite cheap on Amazon

      Good luck if you decide to go for it


  2. Lewis Orton

    I can play guitar and I can sing but I’ve always wanted to learn Piano! I know about theory and how a Piano work so it’s just actually getting decent lessons! Your site seems to be what I need so I can learn at my own pace in my own home! Maybe one day I will get a private tutor but this seems like the best option for me at the moment!

    1. Jon (Post author)

      Hey Lewis,

      Yes the online programs here are a great place to start and you will save a massive amount of money!

      I recommend you check out something like Playground Sessions.



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