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Learn to play 50 songs on piano this summer for the chance to be selected as piano player of the year!  Sounds impossible right?  Well its not, and I challenge you to prove it!

From July 1 to September 15th. Take the Piano Wizard Academy Summer Challenge. The piano wizard team will guide you through the challenge, all you need is your Piano Wizard Academy.
3 winners will be selected at random to become Piano Wizards of the year and there are prizes for participants.  This is a great opportunity to get your children learning piano and having fun along the way with the prospect of real prizes and achievements this summer!

To qualify, you must complete a minumum of 20 songs to be eligible for prizes.  You’ll earn EXTRA credit by posting videos of you or your children playing Piano Wizard, and/or posting testimonials.

For complete rules or to find out what Piano Wizard is all about, CLICK HERE

Hurry!  The challenge begins in just 5 days!
Good luck!
Take our Piano Wizard Academy Summer Challenge

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