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Learn piano during lockdown

Its a tough time for everyone at the minute with COVID-19 and before I start I just want to wish everyone well and hope you are all staying safe!

“Become proficient at piano in as little as 12 weeks!”

Staying in doors all day apart from a short trip outside for essential food or exercise can get very laborious and eventually take its toll on us all. Boredom can lead to anxiety and in some cases depression.

A lot of us would normally struggle to have time at home with our family and friends and whilst I appreciate this will cause various issues with not being able to do your usual daily chores or business… enjoy it! During the time we usually struggle to get why not take advantage and start learning piano online? You could learn piano and become proficient in as little as 12 weeks!

All those barriers to learning whether it be not having the time due to a busy schedule or being unable to find a teacher locally, are no longer an issue with the ability to learn piano online for FREE! For those more dedicated and looking to really progress there are programs available that teach you how to play piano at an extremely affordable price (up to 500% cheaper annually than private lessons!).

“What did you do during lockdown?”

Here we look at two programs that you can get stuck in to during lockdown and so when people ask you “What did you do during lockdown?”, you can proudly say… “I learned piano… and i’m pretty good at it too!”.

Playground Sessions

Playground Sessions offers a more modern approach to learning by teaching you how to play the piano with interactive lessons featuring your favourite songs. When you love the tune and know the rhythm, the learning comes more naturally and quickly.

There are hundreds of chart songs for you to learn from pop, rock, classic hits R&B to traditional piano and if you cannot find your song, you can simply request it.  Again its down to personal preference but this is one of my favourite learning platforms as it offers that modern approach to learning with a decent selection of songs for every taste.

PlaygroundBanner learn by playing

What really makes Playground Sessions great is the videos which are so easy to follow and well presented.  The videos are presented by ‘David Sides’ who’s YouTube channel has received over 176 million views with some of his most popular covers like “Apologize” by OneRepublic and “Halo” by Beyoncé (See the vids below).

David is an inspiring musician and is a piano instructor with Playground Sessions. He will be your 24/7 teacher and walk you through interactive video tutorials from the piano-learning software, David Sides will teach you how to play the piano like a pro all from the comfort of your own home.

If you would like to know the pros and cons, check out my honest Playground Sessions review.

Piano Marvel


Piano Marvel is a similar platform to Playground Sessions, in that it teaches you how to play the piano in a fun and interactive way. Piano Marvel has a more theatrical approach and is a good choice for those wishing to learn how to sight read, as it places more emphasis on this than most other platforms.  

“Access all of the features in Piano Marvel with a FREE account!”

Piano Marvel includes Standard Assessment of Sight Reading (SASR), and uses SASR scores to track your ability to sight-read sheet music.  There are thousands of songs available for you to learn, from classical to modern all at your own pace and in a fun and engaging way.

Piano Marvel teaches you how to sight read and provides proven results

Best part is, you can access all of the features in Piano Marvel with a FREE account!  This includes over 200 exercises (level 1), over 50 songs and 3 site reading tests.  If you want to proceed with your training to a higher level, accessing 1000’s more exercises, songs and unlimited sight reading tests,  then you can go premium for just $15 a month or $99 annual.  This is excellent value for money when you compare it to monthly lessons from a teacher, and you can learn at your own convenience.

Piano Marvel delivers the largest amount of quality lessons in any of the piano learning software packages I’ve seen. What’s unique about Piano Marvel in comparison to other programs is the fact that you can learn to play by ear and also its use of SASR (Standard Assessment Of Sight Reading). It is a state of the art sight reading assessment which is the most accurate way to assess sight reading, as well as track progress over time.

Again if you would like the pros and cons please check out my full and honest Piano Marvel review.

Keep learning and stay safe everyone!

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