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The Learn & Master series is by far the most complete DVD instruction course i have found and is easily the best quality out there being from Legacy Training Systems.  I tend to find most of the DVD and instructional videos out there quite boring and repetitive to watch.  However the Learn & Master series is the complete opposite!

Does exactly as it says on the tin!

Having tried the Learn & Master series before with Guitar and now Piano, I’ve found them to be really easy to digest.  I found myself going through a whole course in a day and mastering everything in its content (just like it says on the tin!).

When i say its the most complete course, i mean it is jam packed with everything you will ever need to learn.  So if you are Serious about starting piano or even already play and want to brush up on some styles, these Learn & Master series are perfect if you don’t want to have to go online or don’t have the capability to learn online.

Learn piano in its entirety…

You have probably been self taught, learned a few songs on youtube by watching, repeating and committing to muscle memory but never really fully learned how to play piano in its entirety.  Will Barrow walks you through from start to finish and teaches you everything you need to know about piano in its entirety.  It really is a full course.


The most complete DVD course on the market!

The course consists of a huge 20 DVDs, 5 play-along CDs so you can put what you’ve learned into practice and a 100+ page lesson book.  All of the content in the course is delivered with clear step by step instruction and repeats just enough so you grasp each section without having to keep rewinding.  Its done very well and i found it extremely easy going.

There are a lot of DVD courses out there that can be very overpowering on the content and the format in which it is delivered can lack enthusiasm which doesn’t get you engaged.  Learn & Master is a whole different ball game which i’m sure you will love!

Its not just DVD’s and written material…

Despite Learn and Master being a DVD and written material course, you can still access their online student support site where you can question the instructors, post your profile, track your progress and even chat with other students in an online community.

The DVDs look well polished with easy to navigate menus. Real time animated keyboard makes it easy for you to follow instruction. Professional Grammy award winner musicians feature in the DVD series who help entertain and teach.

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So many topics… so many learning styles!

You will learn an enormous amount during the course from basic skills all the way through to an advanced level.  There is quite simply too many topics to list but here are just a few things you will Learn & Master:

    • Layout of the Keyboard
    • Good Practice Habits
    • Playing Chords and Melodies Within the First Two Sessions
    • Major & Minor Chords
    • Reading Music & Chord Charts
    • Major, Minor, Pentatonic & Blues Scales
    • Learning Chords by Numbers & Chord Shapes
    • Learning Chord Progressions & Melodies by Ear
    • Chord Inversions
    • Reading Rhythms & Syncopation
    • Keys & Key Signatures
    • Playing on the Black Keys
    • Reading Sharps & Flats
    • Arpeggios
    • Chord Cadences

There are many different styles of piano you will learn, unlike most piano courses, Learn & Master Piano is complete enough to offer training in all of the most popular styles. You can study them all or just the ones that interest you most.

The play-along CDs allow you to practice your songs with an actual band, and i don’t mean cheesy loops and generic sounding computer tracks, but actual recordings with professional musicians in a real studio. All designed to help you make play beautiful music—right from the start!

From beginner to advanced…

There are also courses for the more intermediate or even professional player, which just shows the level of tutorship here.  The higher level classes will teach students such things as

  • Developing your ear to hear melodies and chord progressions and how to find them on the keyboard.
  • Learn to incorporate simple chord substitution tricks to transform a basic chord progression into something memorable.
  • Learn the licks and stylistic techniques to transform melodies to fit a wide variety of styles.
  • Learn how to beautifully accompany a singer by creating a musically interesting part that really complements the lyrics.
  • Learn the chord voicings the pros use to create the sounds you hear on the radio every day.

Head over to to read more about what the Legacy Training System has to offer…
Piano Learning System


  1. Paul


    I have read your blog and I just want to ask you something. I have been to sites like youtube who gives instructional videos and tutorials on almost anything. I myself am a musician and I tried to play the piano, but for some physical irregularities, I’m quite stuck with my guitar and drums. A friend of mine is in need of a lecture, he is quite knowledgeable on technicalities, bu for some reason, he is unable to apply them. In your honest opinion, what is your take on the Legacy Training System? Can it improve my friend’s skills? Thanks

    1. Jon (Post author)

      Hi Paul, it’s great to hear that you are pushing yourself to learn regardless of your situation. Your friend sounds just as committed. If he understands quite advanced techniques and theory then the legacy training will still provide him with advanced courses. This way of learning is less ‘physical input required’ than say midi software training online so if he wants to apply the knowledge and learn how to play without the physical challenges then yes legacy training is the way to go for him. Hope this helps?

  2. Khoifush

    Kind greetings Jon,
    First off, I would just like to comment on how clean and beautiful your website looks! This DVD series sounds awesome and having self taught myself guitar and piano for a little while, this sounds like a great way, like you said, to ‘brush up on some styles’. I am wondering though, is there an online version of this course so that I would be able to learn wherever and whenever I want? Thank you.

    1. Jon (Post author)


      Thanks for stopping by and for the kind feedback.

      In answer to your question Learn & Master is predominantly a software product rather than an online program, but while Learn & Master Piano doesn’t offer the online training option yet, they do offer many great resources on their website. Bonus exercises, a digital lesson book and a discussion board are available to registered users on the website. You can upload audio or video music, chat about the program during scheduled forums, set up your own musical profile page, contact other students, and create or read other members blogs on the Learn & Master Student Community Site.

      The Student Support/Discussion Board offers separate forums for the different products offered by Legacy Learning Systems. At the Learn & Master Piano forum you can post questions to Will Barrow himself, or use the Specific Session Questions forum to post questions or comments on individual lessons (called Sessions)… Failing this, just take one of the books out with you and learn on the go? 🙂

      Hope this helps


    2. Jon (Post author)

      Have you checked out the Playground Sessions section of my website? May be of some use to you…


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