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Piano Wizard Academy



No more expensive lessons or boring drills…

“We make music childs play”, thats the Piano Wizard moto.  Its one of the worlds programs when it comes to piano for kids.  Piano Wizard Academy turns any song on piano, from Bach to Billy Joel, into a video game that teaches as you play.

Piano for kids doesn’t have to have anymore expensive lessons or boring drills that frustrates both kids and parents alike.  The Music Wizard group has over 50 years of teaching experience so rest assured they know music and the program is well put together.

Award winning 5 step process

Piano wizards teaches with an ‘Award-Winning’ revolutionary 5 step process which includes piano software plus DVD lessons with printed sheet music.  There is also a professional USB keyboard with USB cable included in the family pack that plugs right into your computer, so you are ready to go!
Piano Wizard Academy Complete Bundle

Traditional piano lessons teach musical notation first before ever playing a song. But most of us don’t want to wade through the hieroglyphics of music notation before we get to play. Kids especially will get bored easily and will want to play NOW!

As with the majority of the programs showcased here at, Piano Wizard uses the ‘music before theory’ method that is in line with the way we naturally learn, making piano for kids an easy journey for both child and parent.


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Learn by playing a game!

The piano learning software is a video game, which children will have fun playing and unknowingly be practicing piano and subliminally learning to read music too.  The game’s patented sound and color learning cues transform tedious and repetitive practice sessions into an exciting and rewarding video game experience for people of all ages and musical abilities.

The initial goal of Piano Wizard is not to teach the technical aspects of music, but to engender a familiarity with music, how it is structured and played, and to develop the enthusiasm for learning to play the piano keyboard. Theory comes later.

The game is very similar to popular titles such as ROCK BAND or GUITAR HERO.  The difference being however, with Piano Wizard you actually learn how to play real songs and get away from the game and play a real instrument.  You also learn how to read music along the way.

The program is designed specifically to systematically bring the kids off the game onto the piano, playing real music they learned in the game, but it requires a facilitator such as a parent to reinforce that behavior, habit and goal.

Kids want to please, and want to be rewarded, and they want attention and interaction with their parents.  Piano Wizard Academy is a great musical facilitator of that precious time spent together.  Your child will be craving success and want to show off their skills on the piano to you before you know it!

Step 5…. playing on a REAL PIANO

Working their way through the 5 step program, when your child is ready to move on to step 5 (playing a real piano), this is a great opportunity to motivate your child with the prospect of them having their very own digital piano to play… if they complete the course! 🙂

Kids love reward and this is a great motivator.  Why not check out the digital piano section of the website for more details or view my Amazon picks at the bottom of this page for the best deals.

In this video the founder Chris Salter shares what is included in the Piano Wizard Academy, what each component is used for, and how to use it.

Unlock your childs potential and sign them up to the Piano Wizard Academy today!

Piano Wizard Academy Complete Special Offer


  1. Ben


    I like the look of this program, I have a nephew that is really looking into starting to learn piano and this could be ideal for him.

    I like the colour scheme and how its laid out. I think kids will get on board with this very quickly and enjoy what it has to offer.

    1. Jon (Post author)

      Hi Ben,

      Yes, Piano Wizard is very appealing to children. It presents very nicely and teaches kids without them even knowing! The 4 step system is brilliant and by step 5 (moving away onto a real piano), children will get a real sense of what being a mucisian is all about… and from such a young age! The software can be adapted for adults too if you are ever interested… just change the theme 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and good luck to your nephew in his journey to becoming the next modern mozart!

      If there is anything i can do to help please email me



  2. Alfred James

    Really nice website! I find really amazing. I’m a musician and I think this site is very complete, with tools and lessons. Also, your layout is very direct with your niche. Do you receive lessons with Piano Wizard Academy? ti could be really nice to start with this lessons. Congrats for your site, keep building it.

    1. Jon (Post author)

      Hi Alfred,

      Thanks, appreciate it!

      Yes you do receive lessons with Piano Wizard, there are plenty of tutorials (for both children and adults alike – you can change the theme to something a bit more adult!). There are 50 lessons spread across 10 DVD’s for example in the family pack.




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