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PianoKeyz is a website that offers tutorials to learn piano online.  As with all the other programs being showcased here at, PianoKeyz is a great way for learning to play the piano in no time at all!  Its a nice, clean, simple to navigate website which offers:


Lessons categorized for a methodical approach to learning the piano in its entirety from beginner through to advanced.  Its like the bootcamp of piano, courses are good for those who wish to stay dedicated to piano and learn everything from hand positioning to how to be seated!

Theory Lessons

Hundreds of lessons continuously updated with 5 new lessons every week so you never get bored.  Filtered easily at a click of a button, there are lessons for beginners, intermediate or advanced and cover various exercises such as coordination, which notes to play when improvising and even how to write your own song!

This is a fresh approach and will appeal to anyone who is serious about piano playing… I’m sure everyone wants to own their own song and play it to an audience one day!

Song Tutorials

There is a large library of songs to choose from and PianoKeyz offers a decent variety of popular classical, modern, jazz so there will surely be something for everyone.  Each song tutorial is typically only 15-30 minutes long while some more detailed up to 60 minutes.. you will be playing your favourite songs in no time.

The tutorials are very well presented with notes being displayed right above the tutors hands so you know exactly what keys to press and when.  There are also music sheets displayed during the tutorials which are also available to download.

PianoKeyz Forums

An online ‘community’ of likeminded students with open discussions, help and support groups, lesson and song requests and you a great feature of being able to post your own videos of any song covers you have done to get reviews and critique. The instructor ‘Ryan Jones’ will review it and possibly even feature it in one of the student review lessons!

Unlike most forum sites, this section is not cluttered and has a clean layout and is easy to navigate and talk live to other members who appear online.

Meet your tutor – Ryan Jones

Ryan is an accomplished piano player and is very modern in his approach to playing which will appeal to many of the digital audience today.  His videos are so easy to follow and Ryan very involved in the website so is easily reachable should you need to pose any questions.  Take a look at some of his videos below, it will give you an idea of the quality of his playing and how the lessons run:

Starter membership is just $0.99 for 30 days… so even if you’re not sure all you need to spend is less than 1 dollar to see what its all about and if you’re still not sure you can always cancel the membership.  You really aren’t losing that much! So what are you waiting for SIGN UP NOW!



  1. Marcus

    Hey, that piano player is awesome! I really wish I could play piano as well as that. I bet that takes many hours of practice, don’t you think? I used to have piano lessons when I was a young kid, but I never got beyond my grade 1. Maybe I should have stuck with it, then I could be playing piano like that now. But maybe if I was to sign up for these lessons, I could learn it quicker. What do you think?

    1. Jon (Post author)

      never to late to start again Marcus and with the tools available here you can be playing like Ryan Jones in no time! If you do decide to start again and want any help or guidance email me. I can keep you informed on any new pieces of software or gadgets available.

  2. JeffWA

    Hi Jon,
    Posting a comment on another article at your website, I’m glad to see that you promoted what so clearly is a great way for a person to learn how to play the piano through online instruction provided by this individual Ryan Jones and founder of the course.

    I’m glad that I could detect that Jones indeed provides correct methods in piano instruction. These include exercises to enable the person to truly increase his/her dexterity with the fingers on the keys. Scales and chord progression practice, finger drills, etc. There is also instruction which provides the tools to enable to student to truly learn how to read music. Being a person who has a Masters’ degree in music I simply detest those courses, and teachers, (don’t get me started on the Suzuki string instrument methodology) who don’t provide instructions to the student in the ability to READ music. These other courses, teachers and methodologies are all fraudulent as what would happen if you place a sheet of music in front of any instrumental student and ask him/her to sight read it? They would be completely lost and totally incapable of doing it!

    Also in providing truly great songs to assist the student in truly improving his/her music reading skills, but also dexterity in improving his/her playing skills on the instrument is awesome. And for less than $1 per month for the starter membership? I give this course an “A+” regarding its validity!

    1. Jon (Post author)


      Thanks for comments, much appreciated! I agree with your point about some of the programs that don’t teach the full spectrum of piano playing. None of the programs on the website lack this type of tuition. Again, thanks for visiting.

      All the best


  3. Owain

    I have always wanted to learn the piano. I first started to learn on an old electronic keyboard. It would play a song and the keys would light up. You just played along with it. There were a few songs but I only ever learned one. That song though has been long forgotten. It’s great that you can learn the piano online. How much does this cost though?

    1. Jon (Post author)

      Hi Owain,

      There are plenty of song tutorials online for free including PianoKeyz on YouTube however if you want thorough lessons you will have to pair their subscriptions, but this can be as little as $15 a month. Which in comparison to private one on one tuition with a real life tutor, is a lot more cost effective. Saves you thousands!

      Take a look through the website at some of the programs such as Playground sessions or Piano Marvel.

      Good luck


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