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Britain’s Got Talent winner 2017 – PIANO

Who remembers Tokyo Myers?

Tokyo Myers showed that piano can indeed be cool and won Britains Got Talent showing how unique and versatile the instrument can be.
Captivating the audience with unique combination of piano and electronics. Digital piano can be a real full embodied way to impress so many people at once with all kinds of emotion.
Tokyo Myers used electronic percussion with the sound of grand piano. This can be achieved using a digital piano if you don’t have the space for a traditional one. It will also give you the opportunity to experiment with incorporating sounds like Tokyo Myers did.

Captivating audiences with the sound of piano is a skill that can seem overwhelming… but believe it or not, doing what Tokyo Myers did can be achieved quickly and in a satisfying way! There are ways you can learn piano online cheaply and efficiently whilst enjoying the journey (the most important part of learning i find!)

Take a look at Playground Sessions or Piano Marvel. These two training programs offer an interactive learning experience that will get you playing like Tokyo Myers in no time!

Taking your mind off life problems, focusing your energy into something worthwhile can help keep your mind positive and achieve something amazing in the process.

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  1. Damian

    Awesome ! Yes I remember this and actually made me wanna get into learning piano! Cheers for the share (:
    I will be looking to learn so I’ll definitely drop you a message.


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