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Adventus – Children’s Music Journey


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Piano lessons for children can be expensive.  If you are looking for a much more affordable alternative to private piano tuition for your children then look no further… Adventus provide piano lessons for children at an affordable price.

Much like Piano Wizard Academy, there are games, stories and everything to get your children engaged and learn at the same time but also it takes your children on journey of music with animated characters.. which provides a ‘come back for more’ appeal.

The big difference between Adventus and other programs is that they are serious about learning! They really get to the core of learning and teaching, the whole program is built around the long term goal of getting children to appreciate music in its raw form.  At the same time making it fun and engaging.

This isn’t a quick hit, learn piano fast method.  Adventus students will gain long term skills, real music education.

For those serious about their childrens journey in piano.. there is a MusIQ HomeSchool section which is a complete SEVEN YEAR curriculum for ages 4 right up to 18!

Adventus are leaders in music and piano learning solutions and offer a wide range of educational software.  Adventus are a very popular choice for schools around the world and now offer their expertise for home learning in the form of Children’s Music Journey.

Beautifully animated with a “Disney-like” feel, children will love to sit and learn piano.  There are tons of testimonials from parents raving about how their children were being educated by ‘playing games’… they have literally had to drag them away from the keyboard!

Children Music Journey is a 3-volume series teaching children how to read music, play piano with both hands, even compose and improvise (which are amazing skills to have at such a young age).

Inside the 3-volumes:

  • 95 interactive lessons taught by 18 famous composers (Beethoven, Bach, Joplin, Mendelssohn, Villa-Lobos, Satie, Dvorak, Mozart, Beach, Tchaikovsky, Handel, Chopin, Scarlatti, Haydn, Bartok, Chaminade, Debussy, & Schumann).
  • 95 Practice Sessions with ‘Miss Melody’ the friendly practice room teacher.
  • 150 Learn-to-Play Songs and famous pieces.
  • 30 Games to reinforce theory and make learning fun.
  • Composing and Improvising with dozens of instruments, sounds, beats, and pre-loaded arrangements from classical to rock ‘n roll.

Music Journey Vol.1Volume 1

After a 30 second introduction in Lesson 1, the program requires input from the child every 3-10 seconds.  You’ll be impressed by how quickly they learn.

The numerous educational and entertaining games and the improvisation room help reinforce theory and ensure kids learn the language of music in a really fun way.  In Vol.1 various concepts are learned including:

  • High/Low notes and middle C
  • Repeating short rhythmic patterns
  • Stepping Notes
  • Finger numbers
  • Musical Alphabet & keyboard letter names
  • Half notes and whole notes
  • Historical summary of 5 great composers and a variety of great piano works.

Music Journey vol.2Volume 2

This volume offers many new fun and exciting games such as Guitar Girl, Metronome Soup, Dueling Musicians, Build a Song, and many more. This volume continues to increase your child’s musical knowledge, composition, piano playing and improvisation skills.  It includes some of the following concepts:

  • Quarter notes
  • Dotted half notes
  • Playing songs with a metronome
  • Grand staff, treble and bass clef
  • Time signatures
  • Playing both hands together

Music Journey vol.3Volume 3

The third volume of Children’s Music Journey introduces seven exciting new composer teachers and take music learning to a whole new level with 35 new lessons and 50 new learn-to-play pieces.

At this level, children are playing pieces with chords in the left hand and melody in the right hand. The final “Lesson” includes a Recital where children demonstrate their skills to the 18 composer teachers, family and friends… exciting! Their very own recital!

Concepts covered in the final volume include:

  • Sharps, flats and naturals
  • Increasing range and diversity of repertoire
  • Songs with chords (left hand) and melody (right hand)
  • Rests and Ties
  • Composing & Improvising

Awards & AccoladesMusic Journey Awards

Music Journey has been recognised by many organisations and received many awards including:

  • Two 1st Place awards, Early & Upper Elementary Music.
  • Two Preferred Choice Awards
  • National Parenting Publications Award (NAPPA)
  • Recognised by Creatve Child Magazine, Pro-Art Musica™ and American federation of teachers, Yamaha Club Magazine and Learning Village.
  • Awarded A+ by elementary educators


As mentioned above, Adventus can occupy and teach for several years so it really is the full package.  The cost of several years worth of private piano tuition really doesn’t bare thinking about!

Start your Children’s Music Journey TODAY!

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  1. harryenty

    Very professional looking website. I like how you have implemented many different features, such as the embedded youtube video. Learning visually is very important in my eyes! This website is very attractive to people looking to teach their kids how to play piano. Keep up the good website and thank you for sharing it with me!

    1. Jon (Post author)

      Hi Harry,

      Thank you for the positive comments, it’s very much appreciated.


  2. David

    What a great concept for learning piano!
    I took piano for 4 years and hated it. My teacher made me miserable because she wanted me to learn at her pace, not at mine. And, she made it so boring that it was something I dreaded every week. Learning to play wasn’t fun like it should be. If I had this learning tool I would have not only stayed with my lessons but would have had fun doing it. And when you’re a kid learning something fun is the best way to stay with it.
    I wish I had a resource like this back then….I’d be a piano player instead of a piano failure.

    1. Jon (Post author)

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your experience.

      It’s never too late to learn piano. Check out some of the adult training on my site. I highly recommend you check out Playground Sessions or Piano Marvel



  3. Cameron

    I really enjoy your website and your content within. Your recommendations are something I will look into down the road. Ever since I was little I have had musical experience with singing.

    About a year ago I decided to purchase a piano, and thought I would fully commit. Although I got really frustrated and quit for a while, since I struggle with chords and finger positioning (moving in between octaves with both hands.)

    1. Jon (Post author)

      Hi Cameron,

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed the site. Definitely don’t give up, the methods here are designed to keep you engaged so you don’t give up. Why not take action and start today..? If not, book mark me for the future :

      If you need any assistance, please email me, I will always be happy to help.


  4. Tony

    Hey there, thanks for the review. I love music and have mastered quite a few intruments myself including piano most brass, wind and some string instuments my favorite being the baritone horn. I would very much like for my own children to learn how to play piano some day. How much does this product usually cost?

    1. Jon (Post author)

      Hi Tony,

      It various between packages.  Please take a look at the links


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