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YouTube is a great source of tutorial videos that can help any budding pianist learn to play piano at home.  I’ve spent many hours trawling youtube and over time i have found myself going back to the same channels whenever i want to learn a song. In this section, i have selected what i have found to be the best video tutorial channels for piano.

Clear, well structured videos… i’ve picked the best for you!

When training in this method of watching and repeating what you see, its important that the videos are very clear and have step by step instructions on the song you are learning with visual representation of the keyboard with lighted keys or at least a clear view of the tutors hands on the piano.  A good structure to each part of the lessons helps massively improve your retention of what you are watching.

The channels i have included on this page all do this particularly well and i recommend you check them out.  There are many tutorials available, all free.  I have learned many songs and mastered them just by watching youtube.

If i can learn… so can you!

Some of my recent accomplishments which i learned from youtube channel include “RIVER FLOWS IN YOU by YIRUMA” and “CLARE DE LUNE -DEBUSSY”.  I have also recently learned “JURASSIC PARK – by JOHN WILLIAMS” on HD PIANO.

The videos are very easy to follow and you can master any of the songs just by putting in half hour a day.  The best channels i find are ones with actual people teaching you step by step as they will give you tips on how the song should be played, and coach you on the best ways to achieve it.  You won’t get this from a ‘synthesia’ based program.

So, you’re not a beginner huh?

Some of you may just want to crack on with learning the songs quickly if you are competent and there are channels included here that offer simple synthesia style lessons such as ONLINE PIANIST and PETER PLUTAX.

And just for fun…

I’ve also included some of my favourite Piano covers on YouTube (scroll to the bottom to view)… maybe one day you could be this good, its possible with the tools presented here at!

I will keep this section updated with any further channels i find useful, but for now please check them out and enjoy… THEY’RE FREE!












Some of my favourites…