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Learn How To Sight Read

Are you looking for reliable learning resources to support you in learning how to play piano and sight read? When you want to learn how to sight read, it’s vital to find books, DVDs or online tutorials that are easy to understand and allow you to play and interact with your wonderful instrument. Here at Learn Piano, we’re confident that we can help you to develop your skills and become a capable musician in no time; with the assistance of our affiliated piano tuition packages.

We are committed to supporting fellow pianists, and we feel that our wide selection of affiliated piano tuition packages offer our clients various options to suit their best learning process.
Sight reading is not only useful for playing the piano, but it’s one of the key techniques to succeeding any musical instrument – it falls directly below learning how to play your chosen musical instrument itself.

The story and approach of Learn Piano
Learn Piano founder, Jon, began his piano tuition website after learning how to play the piano as part of his New Year’s resolution ‘learn something new’. Thankfully, he didn’t break the resolution, and continues to play to this day. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to be analysed and graded to determine their ability, and that’s why Jon is here to offer you alternative options and packages.

By continuing to our website, you’ll be able to see we offer online training, piano for kids, DVDs & Books and YouTube clips.